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License Requirements

  • If you are Rockfish/Ling Cod or Tuna fishing you only need an Oregon fishing license

  • If you are including crab with your trip you also need a Shellfish License

  • All Anglers - If you are Halibut or Salmon fishing you need an Oregon License and a Combined Angling Tag

    • Anglers 12-17 need an Oregon Fishing License.  This license includes shellfish.​

  • You must have either a paper copy of your license and tag or access to them on the ODF&W app​

    • If you purchase your license online you must create an account to have access to your license.  Do not sign in to ODF&W as a guest if you are not printing out your license.  ​

    • License and tag(s) must be on your person when we fish.  They cannot be in your vehicle or at the house.

  • I will be selling a one day fishing license​ on the boat, it includes your Combined Angling Tag and shellfish license. 

  • If you show up without the proper license and/or tag we cannot wait for you to straighten out the problem.  You can either purchase a one day license from me or not fish.  You will still be charged for the trip.  

  • Share this information with everyone in your group.

  • If you have any questions give me a call 541-521-9372.

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