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Crabbing Trips

Crabbing probably provides the most anticipation of all the trips.  There is no bite, no line pull, no drag screaming just the excitement of what is in the pot.  How many keepers will this one produce or will we just be dancing in the boat to not step on the juveniles that escaped the pot?  Who knows there might be a star fish, an octopus, sand dollar or a nickle sized crab.  We have caught all of them.  This is a fun action packed trip with a lot of anticipation and excitement.  We have an electric crab pot puller for those that might not be able to do it anymore or just don't want to or we can let you show off your stamina and pull all the pots by hand.

Add crabbing to any Salmon, Halibut, Tuna or Rockfish trip for $35 per person.  We use custom pots designed and manufactured by Fish on Jon at FOJ Rod and Reel Repair.  

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