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Tuna Trips

Oregon Tuna generally arrive in late July to early August.  Mother Nature controls that with ocean temperatures and chlorophyll  levels so we just have to wait and see.  But with any luck we will be booking trips for the first week in August.  On the West coast we get the 1-3 year class Albacore, so they are the younger fish.  You can expect to land fish that range from 8 - 30ish lbs. If you have never experienced the explosion of an Albacore strike, even the smaller ones, you are in for a treat.  These fish can swim in excess of 50 mph and it seems like they are wide open when they strike.  It is not uncommon to hook triples or quads and more.  Things can get very hectic when you get in to an agressive school.  This is a trip that will definately bring a smile to your face and food to your freezer.  All it takes is one explosion and you will be hooked!

Our Tuna trips are $400 per person.  We provide all the gear, tackle and bait.  Fish processing is provided at an additional charge back at the dock.  We will not only take you fishing but we will also provide you with a learning experience and the basic knowledge to pursue the tastiest of all Tuna.  We can accommodate up to 6 fishermen.  If you would like to book the boat for a private trip we charge $2150 for a trip up to 6.  You can add ocean crabbing for an additional $35 per person.  A deposit of $50 per person is required to hold a reservation.  To continue to provide services we must have a minimum of 3 clients booked for this trip.  Therefore on days where we do not have 3 clients booked we reserve the right to reschedule your trip.  If you have booked a trip and this happens and we cannot get you rescheduled, you will be issued a full refund.  We do not want to cancel or reschedule a trip so if we can make it happen we will.

Cancellations made 14 days prior to trip date can be rescheduled or request a deposit return.  Cancellations made within 14 days of the booked trip can be rescheduled, during the same season, but deposits will be forfeited if accommodations to reschedule cannot be reached. We can and will do everything within our capabilities to get your trip rescheduled.  We understand that things happen in life and we will work with you to get you on a trip, however, we cannot reschedule currently booked clients to accomodate a reschedule.  If we are able to fill your cancelled reservation a full refund will be issued.  

We reserve the right to cancel a trip in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or unsafe conditions. At that time we will be happy to reschedule your trip or refund your deposit.

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